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Korea Spring Trip 2016 (Day 11)

Saturday, 23rd April 2016

So today we went to Hongdae, we had early lunch at 새마을 식당 (New Village Restaurant/ Saemaul Sikdang, owned by Baek Jong Won), the restaurant name is in Korean, so it will be quite challenging if you don't read any hangeul, but we can mix and match it, right? ;) haha.

The restaurant has many branches across Seoul, they are famous with their 7 minutes Pork Kimchi Stew (KRW5,000) and Spicy Thin Pork/Bulgogi (KRW8,000), so we ordered that two, Salt-grilled Pork (KRW9,000) and rice (KRW1,000).


7 minutes Pork Kimchi Stew (KRW5,000)
Spicy Thin Pork/Bulgogi (KRW8,000)

Salt-grilled Pork (KRW9,000)

Rice (KRW1,000)
Love it, the price is quite affordable and the food was good as well :9 I like their speciality dishes, the Pork Kimchi Stew was so good and thick, while the bulgogi wasn't that spicy but it was sweet and tasty. We had a good lunch there.

We then just strolled around Hongdae.

While strolling around, we came across HongCup, we bought Cheese Chicken (Small/KRW3,500) it's boneless fried chicken coated in sweet and spicy sauce, it comes with some tater tots and rice cake. The chicken was good and crispy on the outside.

A few stall from there we saw Aboong (fish shaped waffle with ice cream inside, that we tried while we were in Busan), and next to Aboong there's croquette stall called 태담고 (Taedamgo), you can choose the croquette with different fillings like hamburg steak, cream sauce and pork, sweet potato and corn, etc..

I tried their Hamburg Cheese (KRW2,000), it was just ok, crispy on the outside and taste a bit sweet.

Hamburg Cheese (KRW2,000)

And while we were roaming around, we saw a long queue at a juice place called Juicy, we were curious so we joined the queue lol.

Long queue for the Kiss the Tiramisu!
Long queue here as well!

We bought Mixed Berries (XL->1L/KRW3,800), which is huge, the juice was good not too sweet but there were lots of seeds. Oh! And I saw this juice stall as well near Tosokchon.

We also saw this big dog near the juice stall, the dog is really popular with the girls lol, we also stopped by Sangsangmadang.

not sure what this is about haha
Sangsangmadang (상상마당)!
"The Sangsangmadang is located right in the middle of the Hongik University district, better known as the Hongdae area. This is the city’s main student area and it’s a cauldron of vibrant energy and creativity. The eleven-story Sangsangmadang building houses a cinema, live performance hall, art gallery, and studio.

On the first floor there is an art square, which displays and sells crafts and accessories handmade by designers. On the second floor is an art gallery displaying artwork by Korea’s contemporary artists, and work by Korea’s young artists is available for sale on the third floor, offering a glimpse into today’s young society in Korea. In the basement cinema, independent films from Korea and abroad are shown, and the underground live performance hall features various performances such as music, dance and theater." by VisitKorea.

I only visit the first floor, but when I got out of the building I saw quite a lot of people were queueing on the lower ground.

We then went to Hongdae Free Market, on the way there I saw YG's Samgeori Buthcers, was tempted to try but I was too full at the time :'(

Samgeori Butchers

 Hongdae Free Market is located at Hongik Children's Park.

From the market I use google map to Sobok, on the way there I saw the famous Hongdae Jopok Tteokbokki(홍대 조폭 떡볶이) or Hongdae Gangster Tteokbokki. FYI: Rumour has it that the stall was started by an ex-gangster. *Btw, I still don't understand why I didn't try it. T______________T #whyohwhy

The pics look good!

At Sobok we bought Sobok Ice Cream (KRW5,300), it's brown rice soft serve with pumpkin, dried persimmon, sobok injeolmi iceball and drizzled with what I thought was honey, but from what I read it is rice syrup.

Sobok Ice Cream (KRW5,300)
We then took subway from Sangsu Station to Myeongdong (KRW1,250) to meet Dad, so my Dad went to Korea with his friends and I went with Mom, and it was his last day in Korea and he had free time so we went there to see him.

We went to Fauchon for a drink, then got invited to their dinner party which is at Some Sevit (Hangang Floating Island/세빛섬). We can see Banpo Bridge from there, I thought that we could see the rainbow fountain, but there's nothing when we were there :'(

From there we walked to Express Bus Terminal to catch the subway to Namyeong (KRW1,250)

And my dad's friend also gave us this.

Saemaul Sikdang/새마을 식당 (New Village Restaurant)
How to get there: Hongik Univ. Station (Line 2) take exit 8, turn right into the street.
                              Go straight for 116m. Then turn left and walk straight for 84m.
                              The restaurant will be on your left.
Opening Hours: 24hours
Other branches:

Taedamgo (태담고)
How to get there: 
  • Hongik Univ. Station (Line 2) take exit 9, walk straight for 136m. When you see Mcdonald's on your left, turn left then walk straight for 79m when you see H&M on your left, turn right walk across the street. Turn left, there will be a street on your right, go straight for 221m and the stall will be on your left.

KT&G Sangsangmadang (KT&G 상상마당)
How to get there:
  • Follow the instruction like going to Taedamgo. When you see Taedamgo keep going straight, follow the road walk for 300m, Sansangmadang will be on your right.
  • Hapjeong Station (Line 2), come out of exit number 3. Walk for about 9 minutes.
  • Sangsu Station (Line 6), Exit 1. Walk for about 8 minutes.

Hongdae Jopok Tteokbokki(홍대 조폭 떡볶이)
How to get there:
  • Walk 2 mins from Sangsangmadang

Samgeori Buthcers
Map: Google

Hongdae Free Market 
How to get there:   
  • Hongik University Station (Subway Line 2) and Exit 9. Go 150m straight, and cross the street.
    Turn left, and go 500m straight towards the Hongik University entrance. Turn right to arrive at Hongik Children's Park.  - VisitKorea-
Open: Every Saturdays from March-November (13.00-18.00) 
Sobok (소복)
How to get there: 
  • Sangsu Station (Line 6), Exit 1. Walk straight for 225m. Turn right and walk straight for 250m and it'll be on your right side.
Opening Hours: 13.00-23.00

Some Sevit/ 세빛섬 (Hangang Floating Island)
How to get there: by -VisitKorea-
  • Subway: Express Bus Terminal Station (Seoul Subway Line 3, 7, 9), Exit 8-1. Go straight for 250m, and turn right at Express Bus Terminal Sageori (4-way intersection). Continue going straight, using the walkway through the underpass to arrive at the park.
  • Bus: Get off at Banpo Hangang Park/Seom Sevit Bus Stop. Blue Bus 740


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