Saturday, September 4, 2010

4 Days and 3 Night in Singapore

Day 1 - August 14th 2010

My flight's to Singapore is 7o'clock in the morning. And I arrived at 9:30am. So I had to wait for my parents until 12:40pm. So my brother and I decided to wait at McDonald. I ordered filet o'fishand my brother ordered the set menu. It cost around S$11.
After we met our parents we went to Lucky Plaza to meet my sister who was waiting us there. The taxi fare from airport to Lucky Plaza is S$21. After we met my sister, we waited for my father’s friend to pick us up.

We went to Jurong East to eat. My father's friend ordered shark head, fried chicken, vegetables, chopped shrimp, steamed fish and soup. The food taste good. But my favorite is fried chicken, because it's tasty and the skin is crispy.
After that, we went to Geylang to take my sister's belongings. Because she wanted to stay with us while we were there. From Geylang we went to Alexander Village in Bukit Merah, we ate fried chicken, fish kwetiau, "talas udang jamur", and fish soup. And my favorite food in this place are fried chicken and fish kwetiau. I think the fried chicken taste better here, but i liked both. Because both of them are tasty and I love chicken meat! :) And my favorite drink is teh tarik!
fried chicken and "talas udang jamur"
fish kwetiau

With the total price of food is S$48.

After that we went back to Lucky Plaza(we stayed there), around 9pm my sister and I went out to take a walk around Orchard Road and bought Kings ice cream triple chocolate flavor for S$1,5 . Then we went to ION, Takashimaya, 313, and Fair Price (supermarket) next to Triple One to buy mineral water because the price is cheaper than the other.

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