Monday, December 31, 2012

Gelato Bar (revisit)

11 Des '12

1st visit
Selesai makan kita pergi cari dessert di Dharmawangsa Square, dan berakhir di Gelato Bar.

The 'Eights's (65k) - 8 scoops of mini gelato of your choice served on freshly-made mini waffle cones
Kalo ga salah kita pesen rasa ini;
Kiri atas ke kanan atas: Mint Chocolate Chop, Vanilla, Chocolate, Rum & Raisins
Kiri bawah ke kanan bawah: Cookies & Cream, Strawberry, Bubble, Choco Rum
Dari semua rasa di atas yang paling kita suka Choco Rumnya :9

Chocolate Lava Cake (52,5k) - Hot chocolate cake filled w/ rich melting chocolate, served w/ cherry sauce and vanilla gelato
Kita ga gitu suka Chocolate Lava Cakenya, agak keras sama di dalemnya ga melting. :(

*Harga belum termasuk Service 5.5% & PB1 10%

Gelato Bar
Dharmawangsa Square #G 36-37
Jl. Dharmawangsa Square VI & IX
Jakarta Selatan
Telp: 021 72788310

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas !

25 Des '12

Have a holly jolly Christmas, 
It's the best time of the year. 
Now I don't know if there'll be snow,  
but have a cup of cheer.

Have a holly jolly Christmas,  
And when you walk down the street, 
Say hello to friends you know  
and everyone you meet.

Oh ho, the mistletoe is hung where you can see,  
Somebody waits for you, kiss her once for me.

Have a holly jolly Christmas,  
and in case you didn't hear, 
oh by golly, 
have a holly jolly Christmas this year.


Monday, December 24, 2012

Portico Terrace Bistro

8 Des '12

Warm Chocolate Lava Cake w/ Vanilla Ice Cream - 45k

Yummy lava cake! Pas dipotong cairannya keluar gooey gooey gitu :9

Panacotta (homemade italian cooked cream w/ wildberry puree) - 45k

Jangan tertipu sama bentuknya :p Menurut gw ga kayak panacotta, soalnya keras dan rasanya pun ga gitu enak.

Devil's Cake (an old fashion chocolate cake served w/ rich chocolate sauce) - 45k
Devil's cakenya lumayan, tapi yang paling enak dari antara 3 ini Warm Chocolate nya :D

Virgin Apple Mojito - 45k
Smashing Kiwi - 45k
Jingle Berry Spitzer - 45k
Mango de Coco - 45k
Yang paling kita suka dari antara 4 di atas Smashing Kiwi, rasanya enak dan seger :)

 * Harga belum termasuk Service 10% & Pajak Resto 10%

Portico Terrace Bistro
Phone: (021) 7278-1787
Senayan City, Panin Tower G Fl
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 19, Jakarta

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Singapore Day 3

25 Nov '12

Yeyy! Finally Paris Baguette! We arrive at 4pm, the place is super packed, and we have to find our own seats, I have to circled that place so many times to finally get a seat for us.

Oh~ My Baby Crepe - S$8
Quite nice but the Crepes are too thick for my liking.

Royal Pudding (Mango) - S$4.5
I like their Royal Mango Pudding, soft, sweet and a little bit of sour from the mango.

Wow~ Mango Cream Pie - S$9.5

I also like their Mango Cream Pie, even though not that Wow~ for me. Inside there are sponge cake, cream and almond cream (?). After that we went to Paul to eat more sweets, yesss!

*Before GST 7%


Cafe Surprise (S$12.9) - any coffee, tea/cappucino served w/ a mini creme brulee, half moelleux chocolat slice and two mini macarons (chocolate drink + S$2)
I like their creme brulee and chocolate moelleux super yummy!

Tartelette Multifruits (S$6.80) - Cream pattiserie and seasonal fruits)
Taste mediocre, not so bad but not so good either.

Pain au Chocolat - S$2.70
I really really want to try their famous Pain au Chocolat, but because we're too full, we finally asked them to take away. I ate that for breakfast, and I like it!

After that we went to our lodging to put our stuff and went to Mandarin Gallery for dinner. Thank you kyukyu (Idk how to spell it) for the treat! :)

Paris Baguette
435 Orchard Road
#02-48/53 Wisma Atria
Tel: +65 6836 2010

391 Orchard Road
#03-16/16A/17 Ngee Ann City
Tel: 68365932
Cute Gingerbread Man