Friday, July 18, 2014


19 April '14

Brother Baba Burger - 68k

It's a deconstructed burger with homemade cheese stuffed beef patty. I don't know why but the beef patty in the middle is a little bit mushy, maybe not cooked yet?

Virgin Friends of Mine - 98k

Quite refreshing. The water tasted like soda water with a hint of ginger. But when I scooped for the second serving, no more taste of ginger, weird eh?

Fitzroy GastroBar
Jl. Gunawarman No. 30
Jakarta Selatan

Bankara Ramen

18 April '14

Tori Karaage - 39k
The karaage was crispy and juicy, but nothing special other than that.

Nitamago - 10k
Kakuni Bankara - 89k

Love the kakuni, so tender, sweet and yummy.

Tonkotsu - 69k
The soup is milky but not too thick. I prefer bankara.

For the green tea it's 12k and can be refilled.

*All prices exclude 5% of Service and 10% of PB1

Tokyo Tonkotsu RA-MEN BANKARA
Lotte Shopping Avenue Lt.3
Jl. Professor Dr. Satrio No.5
Jakarta Selatan

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Eric Kayser Le Restaurant du Boulanger

12 April '14

I like their pain au chocolat when I tried it in HK, so when I know that Eric Kayser opened its store in Jakarta, I happily went there for their pain au chocolat and food.

Complimentary Bread
Nice and warm breads :)

Cafe Hazelnut Latte - 35k
Raspberry Iced Tea - 27k
They didn't have too much beverage menu, just coffee, tea, milk, juice, water, soft drink and beer. The Raspberry Iced Tea was quite good, not too sweet and refreshing.

Salad Poulet Cesar - 78k

Grilled chicken breast, fresh green salad, boiled eggs with classic Caesar dressing. The dressing was yummy and not overwhelming, and the grilled chicken was quite tender and tasty.

Risotto aux Truffes - 124k
Creamy risotto with wild porcini topped with black truffle mushroom and shaved grana padano cheese on top. Love love their risotto, my only complaint would be that small portion. HEHE

Fougasse Au Quatre Fromage - 98k
French pizza with fresh mozzarella cheese, emmental cheese, goat cheese, gruyere cheese and creme fraiche.

Pain au Chocolat - 16,364

Coffee Eclair - 36,364

*All price exclude 5% Service Charge & 10% Tax

Eric Kayser
Plaza Senayan, 3rd Floor
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8 - Senayan

White Elephant

10 Maret '14

Rencananya pengen coba makan Thailand di tempat yang belom pernah. Eh tapi pas masuk liat menunya kok kayaknya gw pernah liat nih menu kayak gini, *setelah liat-liat menu yang lain lagi* loh kok kayaknya sama ini menunya kayak menu di Chandara. Terus pas cek di internet ternyata dari group yang sama.. pantes.

Tapi sepertinya bedanya White Elephant sama Chandara itu kalau White Elephant lebih ke Bistro kalau Chandara lebih ke Fine Dining jadi ada menu di Chandara yang harganya lebih mahal daripada di White Elephant *sok tau padahal gatau bener apa salah*, ah sebodo teing yang penting makan hehehe.

Thai Ice Tea with Milk - 25k
Tom Yum Kung - 45k
Prawns in spicy lemongrass and lime juice. Udangnya besar dan fresh, rasa kuah tom yum nya enak, pedes, asem, asin, seger. hehe.

Pad Thai Kai Krob - 49k
Fried noodle with prawns in sweet tamarind sauce. Nomnomnom ;9

Kang Kiew Wan Nea - 65k
Green curry with beef, currynya agak thick dan gurih.

Nua Yang - 85k
Marinated grill beef served with chef's sauce. Dagingnya empuk tapi agak kenyel, rasanya manis.

* Harga belum termasuk Service Charge 5.5% & Tax 10%

White Elephant
Kota Kasablanka, SF - G27
Jl. Casablanca Raya Kav.88
Telp: (021) 29488686

Cilandak Town Square, GF, Unit B 036 - 038, 
Jl. TB. Simatupang Kav. 17, Cilandak, 12430 
Telp: (021) 75920367

Lippo Mall Kemang, Ground Floor, Unit 03 OD, 
Jl. Pangeran Antasari Kav.36, Kemang
(021) 29056836
Cute Gingerbread Man