Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Marutama Ramen

October 20th, 2010

On October 16th, we went to Plaza Senayan to watch Step Up 3. I love this movie! It's different from the first and the second one. It's pure about street dance :)

After we finished watching the movie, we went looking for food. Then, my father told us there is a new ramen restaurant downstairs. So we went there, the place is not too big, but it has a cozy feeling. For the main course there are only 4 kinds of ramen and 2 kinds of curry rice to choose.

Karashi Ramen (Rp 52++)
Beef Curry Rice (Rp 59++)
Tan Man Ramen (Rp 55++)
Gyoza (Rp 28++)
Oh, and they gave free water that can be refilled. I think the food was pretty good, you can try the gyoza :)
Gedung Central Senayan 1
Basement 1 Nomor 10

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  1. marutama is mushrooming everywhere. pas pertama kali makan di ps, and it was fantastic, we went back almost every week. tapi habis itu mereka buka di tempat2 lain spt cosi, dan puri. and it doesnt taste good at all


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