Saturday, January 18, 2014

PAUL Bakery

16 Des '13

Equil Natural (35k) - Mint Iced Tea (35k)
Cuisse de poulet rotie (130k) - Roasted chicken leg w/ herbs, served w/ salad, sauteed potatoes and shallots
Cabillaud Provencal (155k) - Cod fillet served w/ rice and Provencal vegetables (tomatoes, red and green peppers, onion cooked w/ spices and herbs)

 *All prices exclude 5% of Service & 10% of Pb1

Pand'or (revisit)

15 Des '13

Angel Hair Aglio Olio - 110k
Smoked Salmon Salad - 60k
Chicken Wiener - 100k
Petite Four - 75k


23 Nov '13

Momomi (Chicken Thight) - 15k
Gyu Tan (Beef Tongue) - 63k
Natto Age (Deep fried fermented soybeans) - 53k
Sashimi Mori (Assorted) - 158k

Tuna, Squid, Vinegared Mackerel, Salmon

Cirashi Don - 98k
Gyutan Peperon Ishiyaki Meshi (Beef tongue & garlic rice) - 63k

Nyu Men (Hot wheat thin noodle) - 58k
Tororo Teppan Yaki (58k) w/ Cheese (10k)

*All prices exclude 5% of Service & 10% of Pb1

Cute Gingerbread Man