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Korea Spring Trip 2016 (Day 9)

Thursday, 21st April 2016

On the 9th day in Korea we just strolled around the city, we woke up late and it was already lunch time. For lunch we went to the famous Isaac Toast, it is located near Sookmyung Station.

I tried the ham and cheese (KRW2,200) and another one which I forgot the name (KRW3,400), the ham&cheese was a bit sweet because of the jam inside. The other one was better, sweet salty with crunchy texture from cabbage.

Ham & Cheese (KRW2,200)
We then went to Konkuk Univ. Station (KRW1,350), we stopped by at Baek Jong Won's Yeokjeon Udong 0410, we ordered Bulgogi Kimchi Rice Bowl (KRW6,000), tasted pretty good and the portion was quite big as well.

Bulgogi Kimchi Rice Bowl (KRW6,000)
Then we went to Bbaeng Syu, we bought the original custard choux (KRW1,700), the outside was crisp and the filling was plenty. My mom likes it so much that she wants to buy another one. Haha

Custard (KRW1,700)

Next we went to Common Ground, it's blue shipping containers filled with shops. They sell many things there, clothes, shoes, accesories and others, there are restaurants as well.

From Konkuk Univ. Station we went to Jamsil Station (KRW1,250) to see Seokchon Lake Park (Songpa Naru Park), at first I want to go there because their cherry blossoms, I looked into the internet and the pictures are so pretty! But, when we went there the cherry blossoms were all gone :') Nevertheless, the place was still pretty, we strolled around and took a lot of pictures there. We can also see a part of Lotte World from the Park, and it's also connected by a bridge.

From Jamsil we went to COEX Mall, to get there we need to stop at Samseong Station (KRW 1,250), at COEX Mall we visited Hello Kitty store and SUM Market. In SUM Market you can find everything about SM artist. LOL. 

Loved it there, I bought a few snacks like Red Velvet Sparkling Water (KRW680), EXO Jjangmyeon (KRW2,980), Super Junior Habanero Ramyeon (KRW3,680) Girls' Generation Cheese Caramel Mix Popcorn (KRW1,680) and f(x) Cheddar Cheese Onion Chips (KRW2,980), oh! and here you need to pay for  the plastic bag (KRW100).

Red Velvet Sparkling Water (KRW680)
f(x) Cheddar Cheese Onion Chips (KRW2,980)
Girls' Generation Cheese Caramel Mix Popcorn (KRW1,680) and
EXO Jjangmyeon (KRW2,980)
Super Junior Habanero Ramyeon (KRW3,680)
From Samseong we went to Sinsa (KRW1,250). There are a lot of shops in Sinsa's Garosugil, I saw Line Store, Sulbing, O'sulloc, Saemaul Sikdang (New Village Restaurant-Baek Jong Won's), H&M, Zara, Mango, Godiva and many others. I was planning to go to Hanchu Chicken to have chicken and beer, on the way there we passed by a LINE Store so I couldn't ressist to stop by :p

After looking around for a while we went  to Hanchu Chicken, on the way there we passed by a lot of cafe, restaurants and clothing stores, the clothes were so pretty!

Finally we arrived at Hanchu, the place was packed with people, luckily we still got a seat :') We ordered their Original Fried Chicken (KRW17,000) and draft beer (500ml/KRW3,500) the chicken was so good and tasty, it was crisp on the outside and a bit spicy.

Draft beer (500ml/KRW3,500)
Original Fried Chicken (KRW17,000)
From there we went to O'sulloc to have dessert, we ordered Green Tea Roll Cake (KRW4,500) and Hallabong Alfredo (KRW6,750). The roll cake was soft and fluffy but only a subtle taste of green tea. 

Green Tea Roll Cake (KRW4,500)
Hallabong Alfredo (KRW6,750)
On the way back to the station we passed by Baek Jong Won's HongKong BanJeom, it's a Chinese Restaurant serving Black Bean Noodle, Seafood Noodle, Deep Fried Pork and others. I haven't had the chance to try Black Bean Noodle here in Korea, so we decided to try this one. We ordered their Jajjangmyeon (KRW4,000) the sauce was a bit sweeter than the one that I tried in Jakarta, but if you eat them with the pickle it was pretty good and the noodle was really good, so chewy.

Black Bean Noodle (KRW4,000)
After eating that, we went back to Namyeong to our lodging.

Isaac Toast (이삭토스트)
Branches in Seoul: Isaac Toast 

Yeokjeon Udong 0410 (역전우동0410)
Maps: Mangoplate 

Bbaeng Syu (슈)
Maps: Google

Common Ground (커먼그라운드)
More Info: VisitKorea
Maps: Google

Seokchon Lake Park / Songpa Naru Park (송파나루공원)
More Info: VisitKorea

More Info: VisitKorea

SUM Market
Maps: Google

LINE Store Sinsa-dong
Maps: Google 

Hanchu Chicken (한추)
Maps: Google 

O'sulloc - Garosugil
More Info: O'sulloc 

Hongkong Banjeom 0410 (홍콩 반점 0410)
Maps: Mangoplate


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