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Korea Spring Trip 2016 (Day 8)

Wed, 20 April '16

It's our 8th day in Korea, and today we returned to Seoul from Jeju, and spent our few last day there. We left the guesthouse at 7.55am to catch 8.12am airport limo bus #600 (KRW5,500) and we arrived at the airport at 9.35am.

We still have some time left before boarding time, so we went to a restaurant and ate Haemul Jeonbok Ddukbaegi (해물전복뚝배기/KRW13,000). Our flight was at 11am and we arrived in Seoul at 12.15pm


Jeonbok Ddukbaegi (KRW13,000)
From Gimpo Airport we took subway to Namyeong Station. Our accomodation in Seoul for the next 6 days is G-Stay Hotel, which located 1-2 minutes from Namyeong Station.

After we put our luggage there we went out again to Gyeongbokgung, we took subway to Gwanghwamun Station (KRW1,250) and took exit #2. We arrived at 2.05pm and there was a Royal Guard Changing Ceremony. For more info about the performance times, click here.

After that we also went to National Palace Museum of Korea, the entrance is free :)

Since we already at Gyeongbokgung, I thought why not try the famous Samgyetang at Tosokchon, the restaurant is around 600m/10mins from Gwanghwamun Gate.

Luckily when we arrived, there was no queue, maybe because it's already past lunch time. So we were seated immediately inside, we ordered their Samgyetang (KRW16,000), besides the normal Samgyetang they also have Ogolgye Samgyetang (KRW23,000), which is with black chicken, Roasted Chicken (KRW15,000) and Seafood Pancake (KRW15,000), but since I read mixed reviews about their Samgyetang, I didn't have high expectations about it. But well oh well, I like it so much, like best Samgyetang I've ever eaten. The Samgyetang came boiling hot, the soup was thick and flavourful, the chicken wasn't that big but oh so tasty and tender - fell of the bone :9 We like it so much, that my mom even asked me to go there again before we go back to Indo, she told me later when we come back again let's just order one each HAHAHAHA (for your info she doesn't really like chicken).

Samgyetang (KRW16,000)

From Tosokchon we walked to Insadong.

We went to Ssamzigil, tried their Poop Bread (KRW1,000) we tried the one with red bean filling (the also have chocolate filling). The poop bread was quite good, there's also walnut inside.

Poop Bread (KRW1,000)
We then went to Sohn Mandu, I came across it accidently when I was waiting for my mom when she went to the toilet, from Ssamzigil's side door just turn left. We bought Modeum Mandu (KRW8,000), I only like the fried one though..

Modeum Mandu (KRW8,000)

While we strolled around Insadong area, I saw many restaurant that I want to try like Sinseon Seolnongtang, Sulbing and I saw Ribs Restaurant that the Lee twins from Superman is Back went to.

We then headed to Anguk Station and took bus#02 to Namsan Tower (KRW1,250). When we arrived it was raining and windy, we only took pictures for a bit then head inside because it was too cold. We strolled for a bit then went to Kiss the Tiramisu and bought the original (KRW4,900).

Original (KRW4,900)

We then took bus #05 to Namdaemun Market (KRW1,100), we went to Kalguksu Street, from exit #5, turn left, walk straight the Kalguksu Alley will be on your left. Just go inside through the door, then you will see a room full of stalls selling Kalguksu.

Entrance to Kalguksu Alley

We walked to almost the end of the room, and try the one on the left called Seoul Restaurant (Seoul Sikdang), we tried their boribap/rice&barley with vegetables (KRW5,500) and Chal Bab (KRW6,000), and they will give you Kalguksu as service. To be honest the Boribap and Chal Bap were mediocre, I didn't really like the Boribap but the Chal Bap/sticky rice was good. My mom also like the Chal Bap more than the other one, hahah and she didn't like the Kalguksu, but the soup was good though.. It was 8.30pm by the time we finished, and they already preparing to close their shops.

Boribap (KRW5,500)
Chal Bab (KRW6,000)

Kalguksu (service)
We strolled around Namdaemun, and saw many sidewalk stalls and stores that sell souvenirs.

From Hoehyeon Station we then took the subway to Namyeong (KRW1,250) to our lodging.

Jeju Hyangtogol (Jeju Airport Branch/ 제주향토골)
More Info: Mangoplate 

Gyeongbokgung (경복궁)
More Info: VisitKorea

National Palace Museum of Korea (국립고궁박물관)
More Info: VisitKorea

Tosokchon Samgyetang (토속촌 삼계탕)
More Info: VisitKorea

Ssamzigil (쌈지길)
More Info: VisitKorea

Bukchon Sohn Mandu 
More Info: Tripadvisor

Namsan Tower (남산서울타워)
More Info: VisitKorea

Kiss The Tiramisu
More Info: Tripadvisor

Kalguksu Alley
Maps: Google


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