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Korea Spring Trip 2016 (Day 2)

14 April'16

Second day! We woke up at 9, went upstairs for breakfast, never stayed at Hostel/Guesthouse before, but I think their breakfast spread was good for a hostel. They got bread, egg, cheese, ham, jams, condiments, 4 different kinds of cereals, milk, juices, coffee, tea, fruits, soup and yoghurt drink.

We got out from the hostel around 11am. Now, it's time to use the Subway App ;) The app is so handy and easy to use, you just need to choose the stations (departs and arrives) and you can also choose which one you prefer, fastest route or fewest stations, they also give you details info, such as how many station(s), how many transfer(s), how long it takes, the exit door, how much it costs, and also the timetable. And if you need to transfer to another line, the app tells you which car and door should you get in, so it will be quicker to transfer line, and the apps also tells you approximately how long the transfer will take.

1st Stop: KBS & Yeouido Cherry Blossom
Nearest Subway Station: National Assembly Line 9 Exit 4, walk 5 minutes or
                                        Yeouido Station Line 5/9 Exit 3, walk 10 minutes
* (18 mintues/3stations/KRW1,250) 
Hongik Univ. Station -> Dangsan (3Car 4 Door) -> National Assembly

We didn't spend much time at KBS, we just looking around for a bit and taking pictures, but look who we saw at KBS! :p

on the way to KBS

Captain Yoo Si Jin! lol, nah just the lifesize cardboard cutouts :p

Then we went to hunt cherry blossoms! :p The cherry blossoms in Yeouido were so pretty.

We also got a Hot Dog/Corn Dog (KRW2,000) near this bridge, but the one we bought was not that good.

After we spent 2 hours walking around, we went to Changgyeonggung.

2nd Stop: Changgyeonggung
Nearest Subway Station: Hyehwa Station Line 4, Exit 4
* (35 minutes/12stations/KRW1,350) 
National Assembly Station  -> Yeouido -> Saetgang -> Noryangjin(1Car 3Door) -> Yongsan -> Namyeong -> Seoul Station -> City Hall -> Jonggak -> Jongno3-ga -> Jongno5-ga -> Dongdaemun(9Car 3Door) -> Hyehwa

We took Exit #4, and there we got sidetracked, because we saw a picture that so alluring lol, if you get out from Exit #4, the Coffee Shop is on your left-side, called Paik's Coffee (빽다방). So we stopped by. At first I didn't notice, but after I spent 2 weeks in Korea, there are a lot of Paik's Coffee and other restaurants with different name owned by Baek Jong Won. Loves his restaurants, because the food is cheap and tasty. When I went inside I just realized that both his Paik's Coffee and another restaurant called Yeokjeon Udong 0410 (역전우동0410), which is also his, is connected.

We tried Paik's Coffee's Strawberry & Banana Soft (KRW3,500) and Yeokjeon Udong 0410's Bulgogi Udon (KRW5,500). For Paik's Coffee you can order and pay at the counter, but for Yeokjeon Udong 0410, you need to order your food from a machine near the door, you just need to choose which food do you want and how many, then you can pay by inserting your money into the machine, and a paper will come out with your number written on it. You can wait at your table, and when the food is ready, they will call the number.
Strawberry & Banana Soft (KRW3,500)
Bulgogi Udon (KRW5,500)
After that we continued walking to our initial destination, which is around 1km away or 15-20 minutes walk. To enter Changgyeonggung you need to buy entrance ticket (KRW1,000 for 1 person), after we bought the ticket, off we go to the Glass House!

We spent 1 hour there, then we went to Ewha University area. We got on the #172 bus, and stopped near Exit #2 of Ewha Station (KRW1,200), it took 30 minutes to get there.

3rd Stop: Ewha University Area
We went to the famous Ewha Woman's University Fashion Street, but we only bought a sweater and a few socks T_T The sweater was only KRW10,000 and the socks only cost KRW1,000 each.

We also tried long dakkochi/grilled chicken skewer (KRW2,500), Modak-modak Dakkochi (KRW2,000) and cranberry bagel (KRW3,900) at Queens Bagel. For the dakkochi I like the one at Modak Modak more than the first one. The first one was sweet and the chicken was too chewy for me, like chicken skin, while the other one was more like meat, salty, sweet and spicy.  The cranberry bagel was also good, they gave lots of cream cheese, at first it was really good, but after a few bites the cream cheese was kinda overwhelming :p So I prefer to share, 'cause sharing is caring right? HAHA

Long Dakkochi (KRW2,500)
Modak Modak

Dakkochi (KRW2,000)

Cranberry Bagel with Maple Raisin Walnut Cream Cheese (KRW3,900)
We also went to see the University, so pretty.

Then we took the subway back to Hongik Station (KRW1,250)

4th Stop: Hongik University Area
We took exit #9 to Kongbul (콩불), from that exit you need to turn left, then walk straight until you see Burger King, then turn right, Kongbul is on your left side. We went there to eat their signature dish, which is yes Kongbul (kongnamul/bean sprouts + bulgogi). 

For Kongbul, there's a minimum order of 2, so we ordered 2 portions of Mild Kongbul (KRW7,000/portion), then we add fried rice (KRW2,000) and Cool Pis (KRW1,000) to cool down the spiciness. The food is cheap, filling and good. Loved it!

Mild Kongbul 2 portion (KRW7,000/portion)

Cool Pis (KRW1,000)
After we got fully loaded, we strolled around Hongdae area, my mom bought a green bomber jacket, like super cute with owl in the back for KRW50,000. Actually it's my mom's, but throughout the trip I'm the one who wore it, because the weather at night was too cold :p (excuses)

And there are LOTS of restaurant in Hongdae, drools. Found one of Baek Jong Won restaurant called Saemaul Sikdang (새마을식당) or New Village Restaurant that I really want to try. They have many branches across Korea, if you come across this restaurant don't forget to try! (review coming up :p)

After we finished strolling around, we walked back to our lodging, it was already 10pm, and when we turned on the tv, Descendant of the Sun was playing, and it was the final episode, so we watched it while munching the Bagel that we bought before. HAHA #fat T___T

How to get there:
1. National Assembly Line 9 Exit 4, walk 5 minutes or
2. Yeouido Station Line 5/9 Exit 3, walk 10 minutes
Yeouido Spring Flower Festival (영등포 여의도 봄꽃축제)
How to get there:
1. Dangsan Station (Subway Line 2 or 9), Exit 4. 20 minute walk or
2. Yeouinaru Station (Subway Line 5), Exit 1. 20 minute walk or
3. Yeouido Station (Subway Line 5 or 9), Exit 5. Take Bus 162, 262, or 461 to National Assembly Bus Stop or
4. National Assembly Station (Subway Line 9), Exit 1 or 6. 5 minute walk.
for details click Visit Korea

Changgyeonggung (창경궁)
How to get there:
1. Anguk Station (Seoul Subway Line 3), Exit #3.
- Walk straight from the exit (east) along Yulgok-ro for about 1 km.
- Turn left (north) onto Changgyeonggung-ro.
- Walk about 300m to find the palace entrance on the left.
2. Changyeonggung Palace. Seoul University Hospital Bus Stop.
Blue Bus No. 100, 102, 104, 151, 171, 272, 301, 601 710
Airport Bus No. 6011

Closed every Monday
for details click Visit Korea

Ewha Woman's University (이화여자대학교)
How to get there: 
1. Ewha Womans University Station (Subway Line 2), Exit #2 & #3, walk 5 minutes

Paik's Coffee ( 빽다방)
Daehak-ro CGV Branch 
How to get there:
1. Hyehwa Station Line 4, Exit #4
Opening Hours: 8.30-23.00
for details paikdabang.com

Yeokjeon Udong 0410 (역전우동0410)
Daehak-ro CGV Branch 
How to get there:
1. Hyehwa Station Line 4, Exit #4
Opening Hours: 11.30-23.30
for details udon0410.com
Queens Bagel
How to get there:
1. Ewha Womans University Station (Line 2) Exit #3, walk towards the University

Modak Modak (모닭모닭)
How to get there:
1. Ewha Womans University Station (Line 2) Exit #2, infront of Yes! APM Shopping Mall

Kongbul (콩불)
How to get there:
1. Hongik University Station (Line 2) Exit #9, turn left, then walk straight until you see Burger King, then turn right. The restaurant is on your left.

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