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HK Day 4 - Macau (MGM, The Venetian, Lord Stow's Bakery, Senado Square, Ruins of St. Paul's, Koi Kei, Hot Star)

4 August '13

On my 4th day in Hong Kong, we plan to visit Macau (round-trip).

We ate breakfast first at 金泉茶餐廳 (for my first visit click here), then we went to Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal that located in Sheung Wan by bus. We took the 12pm ferry (HKD 172), and arrived at 1pm. In Macau the unit of currency is MOP, but you can use HKD too. The rate is 1 HKD = 1.03 MOP, but they usually use 1:1 rate.

Macau Ferry Terminal - TurboJET

We went to MGM first by using their free hotel shuttle bus, it's only 5-10 minutes drive from the Macau Ferry Terminal. On the way there, we passed The Fisherman's Wharf, The Statue of Guanyin and Macao Science Center. The Macao Science Center has a unique building but I didn't get to take pictures of it.

The Fisherman's Wharf

The Statue of Guanyin

 After walking around the hotel, I saw these beautiful cakes in display counter. So tempting!

Brazilian Coffee & Caramel (MOP 45)

Single Origin Chocolate & Raspberry Cream Pastry on Crispy Shortbread (MOP 42)

Good looking, no? And taste pretty nice too. Like the crispy shortbread and the chocolate mousse but I didn't taste any raspberry. Oh there are nuts & raisins inside!

We can also see Macau Tower from MGM

We also went to The Venetian (we went back to the Ferry Terminal first and hop on The Venetian free shuttle bus). The Venetian was so crowded that day, like REALLY crowded. Walking from the shuttle bus entrance to the casino felt like walking in a sea of people. Fortunately the other places not as crowded.

We ended up in Four Seasons (love their interior!) and took a cab from there to the famous Portuguese Egg Tart shop, Lord Stow's Bakery in Coloane Village. The starting price is MOP 15 for the first 1.500m (when Hong Kong cab starts from HKD 20 for the first 2km). The taxi driver told us that Coloane Village is quite far (different island), and it takes 20 minutes to get there. Tapi apa boleh buat nasi sudah menjadi bubur, it cost 80-90 MOP from Four Seasons to the bakery.

The famous portuguese egg tarts!

Portuguese Egg Tart - MOP 7.5

Finally! The buttery flaky pastry filled with creamy and rich custard. Soo good, even better when the egg tart is still warm.

Plain Yogurt (MOP 16) -  Blueberry Yogurt (MOP 22) - Raspberry Yogurt (MOP 18)
There's no sugar added, so you need to add it yourself. For me I need 2 cup of simple syrup to overcome the plain and acid taste.

Chocolate Brownies - MOP 10
I ate the chocolate brownies 3 days after we bought it and it was still yummy. Love the moist and fudgy brownies, and the crispy crust!

Energy Bar - MOP 14
Didn't really like it, too sweet.

Focaccia Rosemary Olive - MOP7
My mom loves this.. and so do I :) It's addictive!

Mississippi Mud Cake - MOP 7
The Mud Cake has this melt in your mouth texture, love the chocolate taste and the peanuts!

Ginger Cookies - MOP 26
Didn't get to try the last two :(

And we saw Lord Stow's Garden Cafe on our way to the bus stop! It just across the bus stop! :'(

We took Bus number 26A, and we just have to walk 2-3 minutes from the bus stop to Senado Square.

If you want to go to Ruins of St. Paul's, you just have to walk straight (look at the photo above) to the white & brown building (Swarovski) and follow the signboard.

There are lots of shops along the road to the Ruins of St. Paul's. 

The shop below is where BBF shoot one of their scenes!

Pastelaria Koi Kei is a famous souvenir shop that sells Macanese snacks. From Senado Sq to Ruins of St. Paul's, I think I saw 5-6 of Koi Kei's stores. And almost all of them are crowded. I get to buy some snacks on our way back from the ruins. I like their egg roll with seaweed and shredded pork floss while my sister like Koi Kei's chewy peanut candy with sesame seed. They also famous for their almond cookies.

Ruins of St. Paul's refers to the facade of the church of Mater Dei and the ruins of St. Paul's College, which were destroyed by fire in 1835.

After taking tons of pictures and sitting around for a bit, we went back to Senado Sq. On our way back we bought some snacks to eat.

Don't know the name of this food, curry in a bowl? First you choose what you want (there are fried tofu, fried tofu skin, fish cake, fish ball, crab ball, octopus, vegetables, mushroom, etc), then the aunty will boil it  and put it in a bowl and pour some curry sauce. Then the man beside her will count and tell us the price. We bought 4 kinds - MOP 31 (fried tofu skin, fish cake, fish ball and crab ball).

Then my mom saw a young girl eating a fried chicken, and she ask her where she bought it and if it nice. She said that it was really good, and pointing at a man who hold up a sign board and tell us to follow the sign.

 And here we are..

My mom bought the Fried Chicken (Hot) - MOP 30, I didn't get to take a picture of it. We ate the chicken 30-45 minutes later at the Macau Ferry Terminal. Still good, even though not as crispy as it should be, but some part's still crispy. I like the seasoning, tasty and addictive.

Still in the same alley, we bought 2 dumpling and 1 bun (MOP 5), I didn't really like it, the dumpling skin was too thick and a little bit sweet.

We took the 11.45 TurboJET, and arrived around 1am. After that we went to eat.

The portion here is huge. I like the noodle at the bottom left. It was sweet and tasty. The fish noodle also quite good. For drink, I took a bottle of soy milk from their chiller (HKD 7), a bit bland at first but the more I drink it the more I like it. It's not too sweet, but yummy. We get another bottle of it afterward. Oh, and the total price for the food is HKD 161.

1 HKD = 1350 rupiah
1 HKD = 1.03 MOP

Hong Kong–Macau Ferry Terminal
Address: 202 Connaught Road Central, Central, Hong Kong Island

Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal (Macau Ferry Terminal)

Avenida Dr. Sun Yat Sen
NAPE, Macau
Telp: 8802 8888

MGM Patisserie
Lobby, G/F, MGM Macau
Avenida Dr.Sun Yat Sen, NAPE, Macau
Telp: 8802 3888

The Venetian Macao
Estrada Da Baia De N., Senhora Da Esperancea S/N
Taipa Macau, Макао, Macau
Telp: +853 2882 8888

Lord Stow's Bakery
Lord Stow's Bakery (Original Shop/1989)
1 Rua Do Tassara, Coloane
Town Square, Macau
Telp: 2888 2534
Opening Hours: 7.00-22.00

The International Library Cafe  (2000)
Library Cafe, LG2
University Library. University of Macau
Telp: 8397 8148
Opening Hours: 8.00-21.00 (weekday term time)
                        8.30-18.00 (weekends & student vacation time)
                        Closed only for 3 days of Chinese New Year

Lord Stow's Cafe (2004)
Largo do Matadouro
Coloane Village, Macau
Telp: 2888 2174
Opening Hours: 10.00-18.00

Lord Stow's Garden Cafe (2006)
Rua da Cordoaira, 105, Edf
Coloane, Coloane Village, Macau
Telp: 2888 1851
Opening Hours: 10.30-19.00

Venetian's Lord Stow's Bakery & Cafe (2010)
Unit 2119a, Level 3, The Grand Canal Shoppes
Venetian, Macau
Telp: 2886 6889
Opening Hours: 10.00-23.00
                        10.00-00.00 (Friday & Saturday)

Website: Lord Stow

Senado Square

Pastelaria Koi Kei
1. Largo Senado No.7-7A,R/C, Macau
TEL: 853-2832 9300/2832 9301, FAX:853-2832 9307

2. Rua de S. Paulo , No.34A-34B, R/C, Macau
Tel: 853-2835 7830 , Fax: 853-2835 8025

1. The Grand Canal Shoppes, Shop No. 2402a The Venetian® Macao-Resort-Hotel,The Cotai StripTM, Taipa, Macao SAR, P.R. China
Tel:(853)2882 8615, 2882 8627 , Fax:(853) 2882 8615

2. Level 00 Shop F003, City of Dreams, Estrada do lstmo, Cotai, Macau
T & f: 853- 2889 8993

3. Shop K107 Level 1, Shoppes Cotai Central, Sands Cotai Central, The Cotai Strip, Taipa, Macao SAR, P.R. China
Tel&Fax: 853-2893 9173

Other Branches : Koi Kei

Ruins of St. Paul's 

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

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