Tuesday, August 27, 2013


15 Agustus ' 13

Hot & Cold Ocha - @18k
Mini Chicken Katsu Don Set - 82.8k

It's a half portion of deep fried chicken cutlet on rice and hot udon.

They use chicken breast for the katsu, the eggs was smooth and light with sweet and savory sauce.

They use a different kind of udon here. From what I found from nagoya-info, they use Kishimen, it's a broad and flat noodle often seen in the Nagoya area.

Mini Gyu Don Set - 88.8k

It's a half portion of beef on rice and hot udon. There are mushrooms, chicken and shrimp inside the steamed egg custard.

The Gyu Don was just so-so. I prefer their chicken katsu don.

*All prices exclude 10% of Service and 10% of Tax

Plaza Senayan , 4F Unit CP 406
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8, Senayan, 10270
Telp: (021) 572 5287
Fax: (021) 572 5317

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