Wednesday, August 28, 2013


16 Agustus ' 13

We went to E&O for lunch. They served Thai and Vietnamese cuisine, and the menu items here are designed to be shared.

Thai Iced Tea (Traditional Thai Tea w/ Evaporated Milk) - 30k
I like their Thai Iced Tea, even though it was a little bit too sweet.

Grilled Beef Salad w/ Green mango, Shallots, Peanuts, Mint and Nahm Jin Jauw - 90k
Tom Yum of Prawns w/ Galangal, Lemongrass, Milk and Coriander - 80k
The green mango was crunchy, and it has this sour taste that will make you wince, and the thinly sliced grilled beef was so tender. The soup was creamy, spicy and sour, there are oyster mushrooms and 3 prawns inside. Both of the salad and soup were refreshing.

"Pad See-Ew" w/ Braised Beef, Flat Rice Noodles, Kai-lan and Dark Soy - 110k
I don't know what should we do to the sprouts, should we mixed it, or it just a decoration that's not supposed to be eaten? Whatever it is, we didn't touch the sprouts hehe. The Pad See-Ew was mediocre, it was sweet and a little bit spicy.

Peking Duck Fried Rice w/ Thai Curry Powder, Cherry Tomatoes, Pineapple and Chili - 95k
The Fried Rice was the spiciest among the other food we ordered. Didn't really like the pecking duck, the meat was quite tender but not tasty.

Jasmine Rice - 15k

*All prices exclude 10% of Service and 10% of Tax

Menara Rajawali 1st Floor - Mega Kuningan
Jl. Dr. Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung Lot 5.1
Jakarta 12950
Telp: 29023418

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