Friday, August 23, 2013

HK Day 6 (2/2) - Chun Mei Yuen, 7eleven

6 August '13

Since we are hungry, we went to search for an eating place, and we ended up at Chun Mei Yuen

Steamed BBQ Pork Bun (HKD 14)

 The bun was soft and pillowy, but the BBQ Pork was mediocre.

Fish Stick & Vegetable Congee (HKD 20)

The Fish ball was mushy, and I didn't really like the taste of it too. The congee was plain.

Steamed Rice with Chicken & Fungus (HKD 23)

Didn't try it, because the chicken looks scary.

On our way back, we stop by to 7eleven to buy some snacks.

The Kowloon Milk Chocolate (HKD 14 for 2) was quite good, it wasn't too sweet.
The MarketO Real Brownie was quite expensive, a box of 4 (individually packed) cost us HKD 25.9, the brownie was dense but moist, tastes very chocolatey and sweet. Didn't really like it.

Chun Mei Yuen
G/F, 26 Boundary Street, Kowloon, HK
Opening Hours: 9.30- 02.00am

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