Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Gelato Bar

24 Juli '11

Today is kuku's birthday! Hehe. Setelah makan-makan di Takigawa kita muter-muter. Abis itu berakhir di Gelato Bar :)

Mint Chocolatte- A fresh flavour to wake your soul; espresso, milk chocolate
G*Bar Tiramisu 59,5k - A must try for tiramisu lovers! Layers of lady fingers and Mascarpone gelato, drenched with coffee liquer and thick cocoa powder
Waffle with ice cream and yogurt gelato with azuki beans sauce
Fruity Indulgence 55k - Indulge yourself with this luscious vanilla and yogurt gelato served with fresh strawberry slices, lychee and peach topped with mango sauce

Gelato Bar
Senayan City, Lower Ground
Jalan Asia Afrika Lot 19.

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