Friday, October 11, 2013

Pipiltin Cocoa

26 Sept '13

Iced Dark Cherry Tea - 35k

Wasn't a fan of  cherry, but this one is good and refreshing.

Nasi Goreng Hejo - 45k

You can choose either chicken/shrimp, I chose chicken. You also get pickles and egg. Like the pickles, the nasi goreng (or fried rice) tastes quite good with chopped scallions in it.

Crusted Tasmanian Salmon - 88k

Herbs potato, beans, mustard emulsion. Their salmon was quite tasty, like the crumbs on top.

Mango - 50k

Vanillla bavaroise, jelly, microwave sponge, passion fruit essence. The microwave sponge and passion fruit foam were interesting! The sponge' shape is like a coral, pretty, no? The dessert was sweet (sponge, meringue, vanilla bavaroise, jelly) and sour from passion fruit foam, it was quite good. But I don't like the cream cheese, it tastes a little bit weird for me.

Passion of Chocolate - 75k

Chocolate passion, morello cherry, cherry caviar.

Vanilla & Chocolate Macarons

Got these macarons for free. If I'm not mistaken it's 12k each. You can get macaron/parline for free by uploading a picture and mention pipiltin from your Instagram/Twitter/Path.

*All prices exclude 5% of Service & 10% of Tax

Pipiltin Cocoa
Jalan Barito II No.5
Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta 12160
Telp: +62 21 36446914
Twitter: @Pipiltincocoa

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