Sunday, June 2, 2013

Luciole Bistro & Bar

18 May '13

It's Saturday! We went to Pacific Place because we thought that Bibigo is already open. But it hasn't. So we went to Central Park to try Luciole.

Joy (35k) - mango, banana, yoghurt, honey, soy milk and aloe vera
Can't really taste the mango, too sweet for my liking.

Summer (35k) - strawberry, banana, yoghurt, milk and aloevera
Can't really taste the strawberry either. But I like this better because it's not too sweet. hehe.

Warm Spinach Salad (spinach with burn butter dressing, deep fried mozarella, crispy turkey bacon topped w/ poached egg) - 69k
Don't really like the dressing, they only give 3 balls of fried mozzarella (that didn't melt), and a few of bacon. Not really my favorite dish

Pan Roasted Chicken w/ Potato Lasagna (aromatic chicken breast served w/ lasagna and fondue sauce) - 55k
The chicken is quite good, not too dry and well seasoned. I like the tomato sauce, a little bit sour and salty. The potato lasagna is good too! It has cauliflower in it.

Crispy Apple Tart w/ Vanilla Ice Cream - 35k
Like this more than the mains and drinks! Love the crispiness of the puff pastry with the sweet and sour of thinly sliced apple and the sweetness of vanilla ice cream. Nomnomnom :9

* All prices exclude 10% of Service & 10% of Pb1

Luciole Bistro & Bar 
Central Park, Tribeca Park, #PAV - 01
Jl. Letjen. S. Parman Kav. 28
Slipi - Jakarta
(021) 29200333


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