Friday, June 21, 2013


6 Juni '13

Bibigo Salad - 49k
Lettuce greens with tomato, orange, nurungi (korean crispy rice) with crispy chicken served with apple dressing. I like the chicken, crispy and tender. The apple dressing is sour and served cold.

Hot Stone Bibimbap - 85k (bansang/set)

It's a mixed rice with assorted vegetables & a topping served in a sizzling hot stone bowl. For Bibigo rice/Bibimbap/Hot Stone Bibimbap you can choose the types of rice, topping and sauce. There are 4 types of rice (Long Grain White Rice, Korean White Rice, Brown Rice and Black Rice), 4 types of topping (Char-grilled Bulgogi, Chicken Breast, Chicken Teriyaki and Tofu), and 4 types of Sauce (Kohot, Citron Soy, Sesame and Ssam). I chose Black Rice with Char-grilled Bulgogi and Kohot Sauce.

Hot Stone Galbi - 180k

Char-grilled beef short ribs marinated in bibigo barbecue sauce. It came out without the bones. The beef was well seasoned, tender and a little bit chewy.

*All prices exclude 10% Pb1, no Service Charge

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