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Sydney 2015 (Day 9)

19 Feb '15

Sydney Tower Eye
We had lunch at Rustic Pearl. The place was quite small but cozy.

White Sourdough with 2 eggs (poached, scrambled or fried) & tomato relish - $10 +  sauteed mixed mushroom ($4.5) + char grilled spicy turkish veal sucuk ($5)
Egg Benedict (2 poached organic eggs on toast with Lucus premium bacon, homemade hollandaise & tomato relish) - $18
We ordered their White Sourdough with eggs and tomato relish ($10), but you can choose between the sourdough and light rye. They also have 15 adds on, we got their sauteed mixed mushroom ($4.5) and char grilled spicy turkish veal sucuk ($5). We also ordered their Eggs Benedict ($18), they're famous for their Bosphorus Benedict which consist of bay lobster, but since I didn't eat lobster I chose their classic one instead. The food was quite good, but the wait time was too long, it took 30 minutes for the food to come.


Then we had our dessert at Messina, there are so many flavours to choose from! *_* At the end I ordered their Yoghurt & Caramel (yoghurt gelato with dulce de leche). Soo good! You gotta try it!

Yoghurt & Caramel
After filling our tummies, we went to Bondi Beach, but it was too hot so we just walked around for a while then went back to the city.

Forgotten Songs

"An interplay of past and present, large and small, predator and prey, Forgotten Songs engages audiences with the beauty, unexpectedness and unfamiliarity of these displaced birdsongs. The installation explores how Sydney’s fauna has evolved and adapted to co-exist with increased urbanisation – inviting contemplation of the city’s past, its underlying landscape, and the sustainability issues associated with increased urban development." – Michael Thomas Hill, 2009

Dessert time! - La Renaissance

Monet - $10.5

Latte ($3.5)
Monet is a white chocolate bavaroise, lychee jelly, raspberries & coconut bavaroise. The price for take away and dine in are different, for Monet, it cost $9 for take away and $10.5 for dine in. It was so pretty and taste nice too. The white chocolate was smooth, love the sweet and tangy from the lychee jelly and raspberry.

The Lanterns of the Terracotta Warriors

1 AUD = 10.000 rupiah

La Renaissance Cafe Patisserie on UrbanspoonRustic Pearl on UrbanspoonGelato Messina Surry Hills on Urbanspoon

Forgotten Songs : City Art Sydney

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