Saturday, May 23, 2015

Sydney (Day 11)

21 Feb '15

After two-hour drive from Sydney, here we are at Hunter Valley :)

We went to Tempus Two, Peterson House and McGuigan.

We arrived at 11.30pm, so for our first stop we went to Tempus Two then go for a lunch. Because it was lunch time Muse Kitchen and Cafe Enzo were fully booked, fortunately The Deck Cafe was available so we had lunch there.

Confit garlic and thyme marinated chicken breast, four cheese arancini and beetroot relish ($28)

Gypsy ham, roast capsicum, brie and rocket ($12.5)
Rosemary salted hand cut chips with aioli  ($7)
The chicken was mediocre, quite juicy but tasteless. The beetroot relish tasted sweet and sour, but it was too sweet for my liking, didn't really like it. Luckily the arancini was tasty. The hand cut chips were nice, crispy outside and well seasoned.

After lunch we went to Peterson House and McGuigan. Bought Dolce Per Tutti Moscato at Peterson House for $33. Then we went to Cheese & Co., for their cheese platter .

Cheese Platter ($24) - cheddar. brie, rosemary, jam
And it's time for dinner when we went back to the city. We stopped by Macquarie Centre and had Nando's. We ordered whole chicken with peri-peri fries as a side and 1/4 chicken ($6.45)

Whole chicken w/ 1 large side ($23.85)
Best! The chicken was full of flavours and succulent. I think it was the cheapest meal I had in Sydney, we paid $6 each for a piece of chicken and fries. Craving satisfied!

1 AUD = 10.000 rupiah

Deck Cafe on Urbanspoon

Cnr of Waterloo and Herring Roads
Level 4, Macquarie Shopping Centre
North Ryde, NSW 2112

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