Wednesday, October 16, 2013


15 Oct'13

Finally! Got to try KyoChon! They sell Korean-style fried chicken. Craving for this since last year, and the store finally open in Jakarta, located in Pacific Place.

Super Junior is one of their brand ambassador, and look! There's Siwon statue in here, from the side the statue looks quite okay, but it's creepy when you look at it from the front.

Their menu isnt very extensive, but they have Combo and Pub Set (Chicken & Beer) Menu.

For Wings & Drumsticks they have 3 flavours: Original (Soy Garlic Sauce), Red (Hot Sweet Sauce), Honey (Honey Sauce). And they came in 3 sizes, S/M/L.

Honey Wings - S/4pcs(34k), M/8pcs(65k), L/16pcs(125k)
Red Wings - S/5pcs(34k), M/10pcs(65k), L/20pcs(125k)
Original Drumsticks - S/2pcs(32k), M/4pcs(62k), L/6pcs(90k)

I like their wings & drumsticks, it was crispy and flavourful :9 For flavour, I like their Original and Honey. The Red was also quite good, but I think for the spicy one I like BonChon's more. And the crisp of the Red is a little bit different from the Original & Honey, the Red was a little bit hard.

Grilled Skewers Rice - 69k

Wasn't a fan of their skewers. Don't know what part of chicken they use for the skewers, but one of it still has bone. If I have to choose which one is better, I pick the red one, it was a little bit spicy and tastier than the other one. The rice tastes like it was mixed with ramen seasoning, quite good. They use blueberry sauce for their salad dressing.

Butter Rice - 11k
Kimchi Soup - 15k

Mediocre butter rice & kimchi soup.

Want to try their Salsal Series (Chicken Strips & Soy Salsal Salad), but sold out :(

*All prices exclude 5% of Service and 10% of VAT

Pacific Place, 4th Floor
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52 - 53
Tel: 021-57973183
Twitter: @kyochon_id
Website: kyochon-indonesia


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