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Korea Spring Trip 2016 (Day 5)

Sunday, 17 April '16

So today we went to Gamcheon Culture Village (감천문화마을/Gamcheon Munhwa Maeul), before that we bought the one day pass again at the station (KRW4,500).

One Day Pass (KRW4,500)
To Gamcheon Culture Village we took the subway to Toseong Station (KRW1,200) then we took  Saha 1-1 bus to Gamcheon (KRW1,010). If you buy the one day pass, you don't need to pay for the subway but you still need to pay for the bus. It took us around 30 minutes to get there.

When we arrived, we went straight to the information centre and bought their map (KRW2,000). With it, you can collect stamps from various places around the village.

For more information about Gamcheon Culture Village click here.

We walked for a while then saw a kimbap store and we ended up buying one kimbap, it wasn't that good though.

Kimbap (KRW2,000)
The 2nd floor of the kimbap restaurant
view from the 2nd floor of the kimbap restaurant

After that we continued to stroll around the village and collecting stamps :p

We also came across a place where you can write in a postcard , pay KRW500 for the postage stamp, then you will get it back in 1 year. We tried that, but sadly even after more than 1 year we haven't receive the card yet. :'(

We also bought Ssiat Hotteok (KRW1,000), it was good, chewy and not too sweet. The best that we had in Busan! :p

Ssiat Hotteok (KRW1,000)
 We also saw this shop that sell Descendant of the Sun's doll.

After we finished strolling around and taking lots of pictures, we went back at 2.30pm, we were really tired after walking around the village (the hike back was really tiring!), we spent around 3 hours there.

We took bus number 1-1 back to Toseong Station (KRW1,010), then use the subway to Haeundae Station (KRW1,400).

We were starving and went straight away to a Gukbap place called Haeundae Wonjo Halmae Gukbap, actually yesterday we went to eat at the restaurant next door, called (48-Jeon Tong Haeundae) Wonjo Halmae Gukbap (with red sign), the name is almost the same, even the menu and price are the same, but I don't know if it's the same restaurant or not. The restaurant next door feels more "old" while the interior of this one is more modern, and the side dishes are a bit different as well, here they have more variety like egg roll, sausages and seaweed while the restaurant next door give complimentary yogurt drink. Hahaha, would appreciate it if you guys can tell me whether they are the same restaurant or not XD

I ordered Sogogi Gukbap/ Beef Soup with Rice (mixed together) for KRW4,000 while my mom ordered Beef Soup with Rice (seperated) for KRW4,500.

Sogogi Gukbap (KEW4,000)
From there we went to Seomyeon (KRW1,400) but found nothing there, so we just went to the Lotte Department Store and my mom bought a few scarves for souvenir.

We then go to Jagalchi Station (KRW1,200) and walked to BIFF Square. We bought Ssiat Hotteok (KRW1,200) and Tteokbokki (KRW3,000), for the Ssiat Hotteok I like the one from Gamcheon Culture Village more than this one, the one in Gamcheon was more chewy, not too sweet and have more filling. And for the tteokbokki I like the one from Bupyeong Market more than this hahaha.

Tteokpokki (KRW3,000)

Ssiat Hotteok (KRW2,000)
We also saw a Mie Goreng Stall XD

From BIFF,  we actually want to go to Gwangbok-dong, but.. we got lost, we came across Hanam Dwaeji Jib (하남돼지집) which is one of many restaurants that I want to try. HAHA. So we went in, but.. we were told that there's a minimum order of 3 portions of meat (like what?! whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy T____T), I really want to try their pork belly because of those mouthwatering pictures that are posted on instagram and blogs. But I don't think I can fit 3 portions of meat inside my belly anymore, so I asked if we can just order 2 portions, luckily they said ok :') #phew

So we ordered 1 portion of Samgyeopsal and 1 portion of Galmaegi (which they recommended). I love the pork belly! And it turns out the portion was quite small, so I think we can actually eat 3 portions. While eating I saw someone ordered a kimchi fried rice, and it looks so yummy, and we ended up ordering that one as well... #hungrynothungry

Pork Belly (KRW9,500)
Those thick and juicy pork belly T___T

Galmaegi (KRW9,500)

Kimchi Fried Rice (KRW3,000)
After we finished eating, we went to Gwangbok-dong, then went back to our Hostel.

near Hanam Dwaeji Jib

It was already late at night but I really want to see Busan Cinema Center and want to go to Gwangalli Beach to see Gwangan Bridge, but because it was too late we decided to just go to one place -> Busan Cinema Center. We took the subway to Centum City (KRW1,400) and walk to the Center, it was reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeallly really cold, the wind was so strong and we were super tired and couldn't walk any longer to there, so we only saw the cinema from afar, took one freaking picture of it and just went back to the station to go back to our Hostel. :')

So that's all for our 5th day in Korea :)


Gamcheon Culture Village (감천문화마을)
How to get there:
1. Goejeong Station (Subway Line 1), Exit 6.
   - Take bus Sakha 1/ Sakha 1-1 to Gamcheon Elementary School Bus Stop
2. Toseong Station (Subway Line 1), Exit 6.
   - Take bus Saha 1-1, Seogu 2 or Seogu 2-2 to Gamcheon Elementary School Bus Stop

Facility Operating Hours:  
March-November 09:00-18:00
December-February 09:00-17:00

More info: VisitKorea

BIFF Square (BIFF 광장)

How to get there:
- Jagalchi Station (Subway Line 1), Exit 7. 5 min walk from the station (Walk straight and turn left).

More info: VisitKorea

Busan Cinema Center (부산 영화의 전당)
How to get there:
1. Centum City (BEXCO) Station (Subway Line 2), Exit 6/12. Walk around 12 minutes
2. Get Bus #139 and get off at Cinema Center Bus Stop

More info: VisitKorea


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