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Korea Spring Trip 2016 (Day 6)

Monday, 18 April '16

We woke up early today because we had to catch a flight to Jeju, from the night before we were worried that we wouldn't be able to find any taxi from the street because it was early in the morning, so the staff from Blue Boat Hostel taught us how to use the Kakao Taxi app :) So in the morning we used the app to order a taxi, after 5 minutes the taxi came, it was fast and efficient! From Nampo area to Domestic Airport it only took us 20 minutes, we arrived at 5.35am (KRW13,200). We flew with Eastar Jet (KRW51,900/person), our flight was at 7.10am, so while waiting for the boarding time, I bought Bulgogi Panini (KRW6,000) to munch. The flight from Busan to Jeju is 50minutes.

When we arrived, we went straight to the information centre, we grab Jeju's map and asked for recommendation on where to go. Because we stayed in Seogwipo, which is south of Jeju Island while the airport is in Jeju City (north of Jeju Island), we decided that we should go to places around Jeju City first, because we only got 2 days in Jeju, so it's beter than to go back and forth between Jeju City and Seogwipo, which will take around one and a half hours for one way. We were pretty hungry at that time, so we decided to go to the Black Pork Street first.

To go there, we took bus #100 and stop at Dongmun Traditional Market Bus Stop (KRW1,150), it took us around 20 minutes, and from the bus stop we walked around 400m (6mins) to the Black Pork Street, but sadly, all the shops were still closed at 10.30 T____T so no pork for us TT____TT

We were planning to wait at McDonald's until the shops are open, so I ordered big breakfast (KRW4,700) with americano (KRW500), but it was still 11pm when we finished, so instead of waiting and wasting our time, we went to a soup restaurant across the street of McDonald's called Restaurant Oksusa. My mom asked for recommendation, and the ahjumma said the oxtail soup (꼬리곰탕/ KRW13,000) is their favorite, so we ordered that one. I was kinda skeptical at first, but it was really good. The oxtail was really tender and the soup was comforting.

Big breakfast (KRW4,700) + Coffee (KRW500)

Oxtail Soup (KRW13,000)

After that we went Dongmun Market, it's located across the street of our bus stop before. They sell many things, food, snacks, fruits (hallabong!), and souvenirs. We also saw a shop selling 오매기떡
/Omegi-Tteok), we bought greentea omegi-tteok (KRW1,000) and red bean omegi-tteok (KRW1,000), which already wrapped individually.


We bought quite a lot of chocolates there, so we decided to just went straight to our Guesthouse, after searching on Naver Map, we were supposed to take bus #10 then walked a bit to another bus stop to change bus. BUT, we were lost, we took bus #10, walked to the supposed bus stop but there's no bus to Seogwipo that stop at that bus stop, so we asked someone and she said to just walk further. But, it wasn't the right bus stop either. So we looked at our map again, and we ended up went back and forth without knowing our way T__T We then asked another person, she didn't know the bus stop to Seogwipo but she tried to help us and  tried looking for it from her phone. So she told us to follow her, after walking for a while, all of us ended up got lost hahaha. I thought she will just left us, but she didn't! She told us that she was from Seoul, but moved to Jeju for university so she doesn't really know the way here. While we were waiting at the red light, there were police officers cycling towards us, so she asked the police officers where is the bus stop to Seogwipo, after talking for a while, she said thank you and told us that we were supposed to go that way and said she will show us the way, we felt really bad because she walked so far just to help us and she still need to go back to her bus stop later >< but she said it's ok and so we continued walking. We were really grateful to her T___T and she really walked us to the bus stop and waited until we boarded the bus :') THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP! :*

can you spot the girl? She's the one who wear a backpack with long hair! :)
We arrived at 2.30pm, we stayed at SlowCiti Guesthouse near Jungang Rotary (350m/6mins) and New Kyungnam Hotel bus stop (650m/10mins), the guesthouse also located near Seogwipo Maeil Olle Market, which is the largest traditional market in Seogwipo.

We checked in, then asked for recommendation on where to go and eat. Sue was really nice, and because it was already late in the afternoon, she told us to hurry and try to go somewhere near so we can at least visit 2 places today, she also recommended several places to eat, so with printed map from our guesthouse, off we went to our first sightseeing stop: Jusangjeolli.

We took bus #600 (KRW2,000), it's an airport limousine bus, and one of the stops is New Kyungnam Hotel bus stop.

New Kyungnam Hotel -----> International Convention Center (ICC)

From ICC's bus stop we still need to walk 600m (10mins) to Jusangjeolli, we were really grateful that we went to Korea in spring, because we spent a lot of time walking from one place to another and most of the time when we were there the weather was nice and cool (even cold), so the walks were more bearable :')

The entrance fee is KRW2,000/person. Near the information centre, there were several shops that sell orange juice, ice cream, hallabong, gamgyul, etc.. We bought their gamgyul juice (KRW3,000) it was really sweet!

Gamgyul Juice (KRW3,000)
We also tried this thing that we didn't really know what is it exactly (KRW3,000) we just bought it because there were lots of people bought that HAHA. Does anyone know what is it? We didn't know how to eat that, but we saw people just ate the fruit whole, but there were small seeds in it, so it wasn't really my style lol. Should just bought the hallabong instead :')

 There's also someone who sell fresh seafood near the entrance.

The place was pretttyyy *_* We spent around 45 minutes there, then we went to Cheonjiyeon Waterfall which located near our lodging and it's open until night (last admission 9pm), so we got on bus #600 to New Kyungnam Hotel (KRW2,000) and walked around 900m/14mins to the entrance. The entrance fee is KRW2,000.

From the Bus Stop in front of ICC
The walk to Cheonjiyeon

We spent around 30 minutes there, by the time we finished, it was time for dinner and we were already starving, there are several restaurants near the carpark, but we got recommendation from Sue before, the place is near our lodging (around 600m/9mins), and she said if you want to try black pork you can try it there, every guests that went there always like the place, so of course we'd love to try as well! :P The restaurant name is Heuk Dwaeji BBQ, it's written in Korean so search for this 흑돼지 BBQ.

on the way back

The place was packed with locals, we had to wait 10 mins to get the table, but well.. it was worth it. We ordered Ogyeopsal/Pork Belly (KRW17,000), Deung Galbi/Ribs (KRW25,000) and rice (KRW1,000). The pork belly was juicy and flavourful, and for the ribs, almost all of the tables ordered it, so it must be their favorite here.

Ogyeopsal (KRW17,000)

Ribs (KRW 25,000)

Rice (KRW1,000)
We finsihed our meal, then walked back to our guesthouse and arrived at 8.30pm.

And more info about SlowCiti Guesthouse..
They provide tour around Jeju Island, it's around 9 hours (from 9am-6pm), they have 2 routes:
1. East (U-do Island, Sunrise Peak, Lava Tube, Drangshi Oreum, Folk Village Museum)
2. West (Jusangjeolli, Yakcheonsa Temple, Mt. Sanbang, Yeongmori Coast, Suwolbong Peak, Hyeopjae Beach, Hallim Park)

Fee: KRW29,000 (+KRW5,000 for U-do), Lunch & Entrance fee is not included
*Depart with a minimum of 4 people

For more info just email them :)

And if you want to go straight to SlowCiti Guesthouse from the airport, you can take bus #600 from gate 5 on the 1st floor and get off at the New Kyeongnam Hotel, it takes around one and a half hours (KRW5,500)

Restaurant Oksusa (옥수사)

Dongmun Traditional Market (동문재래시장)

How to get there:
Regular Bus No. 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, or 17
Express City Bus No. 10, 28, 36, 37, 87, 92, 100, or 500
- Get off at Dongmun Traditional Market Bus Stop (about 20-min from Jeju International Airport)

More info: VisitKorea

Jusangjeolli (주상절리)

How to get there:
1. Airport Limousine Bus #600 and get off at International Convention Center Bus Stop (about 50 min)
2. Take the Jungmun Express Bus from Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal to Jungmun Tourist Complex (about 60 min).
then take a taxi to Jusangjeolli Cliff.

More info: VisitKorea

Cheonjiyeon (천지연폭포)

How to get there:

From Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal, take Bus No. 516 heading to Seogwipo. Get off at the last stop and take a taxi to Cheonjiyeon Falls (3-4 minute ride)

More info: VisitKorea

Heuk Dwaeji BBQ (흑돼지BBQ)


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