Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sari Sanjaya

5 Nov '13

Pempek is one of my favorite foods. So I'm quite happy when I finally got to try it while we are at Flavor Bliss Alam Sutera.

Otak-otak (6k)

Assorted Pempek - 6k each

If I'm not mistaken, there are 1.Pempek Telor Kecil 2.Pempek Pistel (Pepaya) 3.Pempek Tahu 4.Pempek Adaan 5.Pempek Lenjer 6.Pempek Kulit 7.Pempek Keriting. The waiter ask if we want the boiled Pempek or the fried one. For me I like it to be fried, because I think the fried one tastes better. ;)

Pempek Tahu
Pempek Pistel
Snow Island Punch - 18k

*All prices exclude 10% of PPN

Sari Sanjaya
Jl. Flavor Bliss No. 15
Alam Sutera - Serpong
Telp: 021-29005061

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