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Yo' Panino

17 Nov '13

Finally Yo'Panino has opened its second store in Kota Kasablanka. The store is right beside J.Co. Yo'Panino has a same concept with Subway.

The Breads

First you choose what kind of bread do you want, they have Turkish Pide (moist & light with toasted sesame seeds), Multigrain (healthy choice of rolled oats, flax, sesame & sunflower seeds), Farmhouse White (artisinally soft with a touch of salt) or Brioche (soft & sweet).

Next you choose your Panino: Yo'Classico (35k), Yo'Signature(43k), Yo'Hero(53k) and Yo'Legendary (63k)

Then you can get an add ons such as fried egg, sliced cheddar, crispy bacon, etc for 7k/15k.


After that you can choose your toppings, and hey! It's unlimited! You can have those 13 toppings inside your sandwich!

The Sauces

And finally you can choose the sauce/s, and it's also unlimited! They have 6 sauces: Yo'Barbie-Q (homemade hickory smoked oozy barbecue sauce), Yo'Aioli, Yo'Sesame (blend of shoyu and sesame sauce with a tad of mayo), Yo'Wasabi (combination of wasabi and mayonnaise), Yo'Java (roasted peanuts slowly simmered w/ a unique blend of spiced herbs), and Yo'Angry (spicy mayo).

*From all of the sauces I like Yo'Aioli and Yo'Sesame the most.

Rise & Shine

I ordered their Rise & Shine (turkey bacon, fried egg, hash brown, cheddar melt) from Yo'Hero (53k), with Brioche and Yo'Sesame for the sauce. For the toppings I chose lettuce, cucumbers, guacamole and jalapenos.

Chicken Caesar Salad (53k)

While my mom ordered Chicken Caesar Salad (Roast Chicken Breast, Bacon Bits, Chopped Romaine, Caesar Dressing).

Lemonade - Milo
By adding 15k, you can make your Panino and Salad into Value Combo, and you can get Reg.Fries/Java Slaw/Cookie and Chilled Classic Drink (Lemon Tea/Lemonade/Milo/Blackcurrant/Water/Coke/Fanta/Sprite).

At that time, they had a Buy One Get One promotion, for every purchase of Panino and Salad you can get free BBQ Chicken Club (53k), so we got 2 BBQ Chicken Club (Hickory Smoked Chicken, Turkey Bacon, Cheese Sauce, Yo'Barbie-Q Sauce), yeay! for gratisan :p lol

BBQ Chicken Club w/ Turkish Pide

Lettuce and Guacamole. Yo'Aioli and Yo'Wasabi.

Panino in the making :9
BBQ Chicken Club w/ Multigrain Bread

With all toppings and Yo'Barbie-Q sauce.

They also has this promotion.. And got this :)

Almond Cookies - 12k

Their cookies was good, it was thin and crisp. I like their chocolate cookies, while my mom like their almond cookies better.
*All prices exclude 10% of Tax

Yo' Panino
Kota Kasablanka Unit FSG-09
Jl. Casablanca Raya Kav 88, Jakarta

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