Monday, July 22, 2013

Koultoura Coffee

13 Juli '13

We had our brunch in Taman Ratu area, called Koultoura (beside Pizza Hut). A good place to have a cup of coffee while chatting with your friends in a rainy day. It's a cozy place, love their brick walls and big window on their 2nd floor.

My sister and our friend, M ordered Hot Chocolate (27k) while I chose their Iced Green Tea (29k).

The Hot Chocolate was quite thick and taste pretty good, but the chocolate didn't dissolve properly. For me, I like the Iced Green Tea more.

Croque Madame (45k)
It's a crunchy sandwich w/ melted cheese, ham and egg covered w/ bechamel sauce.

Egg Florentine (40k)
Sourdough toast with spinach, ham, poach eggs poured w/ hollandaise sauce.

Foxie's Hangover Cure (45k)
Pan fried potato w/ corned beef, covered w/ sunny side up.

For me, the food was good but not exceptional.

*Harga belum termasuk Tax 10%

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Koultoura Coffee
Taman Ratu Indah Blok AA2 no. 33
Jakarta Barat, Jakarta 11520
Telp: 021 29520310
Website: Koultoura Coffee

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  1. Same like you, I also love their design. For me, Koultoura Coffee is the right place to relax.


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