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Cacaoté Patisserie Brasserie Bar

22 Sept '13

New restaurant in town! It's a French restaurant, and the most important thing (for me! HEHE) is they also sell good looking and yummy desserts, just looking at their cake display makes me drool. They have 2 floors, the 1st one is more girly while the 2nd floor looks more elegant with black and red. I personally like the decor in the 1st floor more, it feels more cozy and homey and... pretty.

So, since we came here for their desserts, we skipped the food menu and went to their cake display to choose what we want, and they will bring it to our table.

Plaisir Sucre - 40k

Crispy almond layer, hazelnut dacquoise, crunchy feuilletine, dark chocolate ganache, chocolate Chantilly, chocolate plaque. Like this! The ganache and Chantilly were smooth and light, while the crispy almond layer and feuilletine add a nice crunchy texture.

Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut - 40k

Chocolate sponge, crunchy feuilletine, salted caramel, dark chocolate mousse, chocolate glaze. The chocolate mousse was rich, and also light and smooth, it was nice with a twist of salted caramel in the middle.

Berry Eclair - 30k

Choux pastry, berry cream, berry jam, berry Chantilly. What a pretty eclair! The Choux was crispy on the outside while the inside was a little bit chewy. Love the berry cream and jam, sweet and sour, refreshing! And there are 3 square shaped marshmellow on top!

Chocolate Tart - 40k

Chocolate sable, baked chocolate cream, chocolate glaze, nougatine, caramel mousse, chocolate velvet. The chocolate sable was yummy but the aftertaste was a little bit bitter. Love the chocolate cream. The caramel mousse was okay with spongy texture.

White Tea - 35k
Banana Republik - 45k

It's a smoothie, Banana Rupblik consists of banana, mango, yogurt, lychee juice, apple syrup, vanilla ice cream. It was nice, a little bit sour, quite refreshing but wasn't that sweet.

Mocha - 35k
UPDATE (4 April '14) 

Vanilla Eclair (35k)

Choux pastry, vanilla cream, crumbles, mascarpone cream. The choux wasn't that crispy, but still good. And I love the cream! Light, not overly sweet and yummy!

Fig Tart (40k)

Vanilla sable, vanilla jaconde, fig compote, fig mousse, pink chocolate velvet. Pretty, right? But, I didnt really like it. It was sweet and sour from the compote. The jaconde was too watery (?) or mushy (?) dont know how to call it :p

Acqua Panna - 55k
*Harga belum termasuk Service 10% & Pb1 10%

Cacaoté Patisserie Brasserie Bar
Jalan Senopati Raya No. 80, Jakarta, Indonesia 12190
Telp: (021) 29306127
Opening Hours:  Mon - Thu: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
                          Fri - Sat : 11:00 am - 1:00 am
                          Sun      : 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Facebook: Cacaote

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