Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mama Goose

6 Januari '14

Sooo. It's #throwback time! It's a long overdue post from back in January. And I still have many more (ok, not that many) to post, about other restaurants from my visit in January to March. hehe :)

Ice Tea - 15k
They also have ice tea with several flavours, like kiwi, mango, peach, strawberry, apple, lychee or passion fruit by adding 5k.

Gyutan Don - 60k
Sweet and spicy sauteed gyu tan served with fresh chilies, spring onions and Japanese rice.

Mama's Aglio Olio - 35k
Spaghetti sauteed with olive oil, garlic, and chilli. You can add tuna (+15k), beef bacon (+10k) or chicken (+10k) to your spaghetti.

Spaghetti Meaballs - 55k
Classic tomato and meatballs spaghetti served with shaved parmesan and chopped herbs.

Basil Pesto Farfalle - 45k
Farfalle sauteed with homemade beef bacon, pesto sauce and aromatic pine nuts.

Mama Goose
Common House, Jl. Panglima Polim 9 No. 16
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta 12150, Indonesia

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