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13 Feb '14

Seruput restaurant in Pacific Place Mall sells many variations of Indonesian food. From snacks to main courses.  They use unique and fun name to some of their dishes, for example Es Kayak di Orchard, it's an ice cream sandwich that commonly found along Orchard Road. And there are also Sop Boeah Ramuan Nenek Sihir, Kue cubit-cubitan, Rujak Merem Melek, etc.

Sop Buah Ramuan Nenek Sihir - 29k
Asinan Juleha  - 24k
Soto Betawi Bang Haji - 45k
Soto Ayam Ambengan - 29k
Nasi Liwet Ikan Asin Pete - 55k
Sate Maranggi Seruput - 40k
The Sop Buah was quite refreshing, while the Asinan was like many other Asinans. Between the Soto Betawi and Soto Ambengan, I prefer the Ambengan, more tasty.

I also ordered their Es Kayak di Orchard (chocolate), while my dad ordered with durian ice cream. And since I didn't took the picture at the right time (my last bite), so I post this picture instead.. From my previous visit hehe.

*All prices exclude 5% of Service and 10% of Tax

Pacific Place, Lt.4
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav 52-53
Jakarta 12190
Telp/Fax: (021)-57973218 / 19

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