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Le Quartier

3 Sept '13

Le Quartier is a french restaurant in Gunawarman Street, near Turkuaz & Loobie. Recently they started to serve Breakfast (7.30am), they have 4 different menu: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Supper. The place is quite big and (I think) they have private dining area near the bathroom. I love the mural, glass roof and the chandeliers. Pretty.

We arrived around 11am, I know it's a bit late for breakfast but we asked for their breakfast menu anyway.

For the drinks we ordered from their Boissons de Spécialité or Specialty Beverages. 
Le Quartier Citrus Cooler - 38k
Le Quartier Citrus Cooler: lemon, lime, cucumer, mint, berries, ginger syrup and soda water. It was good and refreshing, the ginger taste wasn't that overpowering but you still can taste it.

Apple Iced Tea - 38k
Apple Iced Tea: apple juice, black tea, mint, blueberries and sliced apple. At first, it was just like a regular apple juice. But eventually, after a few sips, you can taste the tea in the mixture. It was good, but not that special, and no blueberries inside.

For food we ordered:

Le Quartier - 88k
Consists of two eggs any style (sunny side up, omelette, scramble egg), pork/beef ham, chicken sausage, hash browns, grilled tomato, toast, butter, jam and fruit salad. My sister asked for an omelette. The omelette was a little bit too hard. The beef ham was dry, but the sausage was quite tasty. For the toast they give you 2 types of bread (I think one is white bread and the other one is whole wheat bread with flaxseed, correct me if I'm wrong :p)

L'americain - 156k
While l'americain (The American) consists of grilled striploin (120gr), two fried eggs, bacon/beef ham, hash browns, grilled tomato, toast, butter, jam and fruit salad. For the striploin I asked them to make it well done, but I got medium well (?)

But anyway, I like their bacon, super tasty! Their striploin wasn't that tasty but the meat was tender. And! We just realized after we got home, that they didn't give us any fruit salad.

UPDATE (4 April '14)

Actually we want to try Fitzroy, but they said it closed until 3pm (what?!). So we went to the next door restaurant (okay, not exactly), which is.. here. Hehe. I love their ambience, nice place to eat and chit chat.

Foreground: Iced Pomelo and Lychee (38k) Background: Apple Iced Tea (42k)
Rose Hip (fruit Infusion, balanced w/ sun ripened rose hips hibiscus) - 44k

For tea they use Ronnefeldt. Quite aromatic and has a hint of sweet. But I think I brew it for too long, it became a little bit acid.

Complimentary Bread
White Ham and Truffle Oil (156k)
Green pea pesto, mushrooms, leaf spinach, pine nuts and cheese. Like the taste, but didn't really like their pizza dough.

Croque Madame (146k)
We can choose between pork and beef ham. They also use comte cheese, dijon mustard and topped with fried egg.

Not really a fan of this dish, it has a weird taste, maybe from the cheese?

Farfalle Carbonara (122k)
Sauteed pork ham, parmesan cream sauce, poached egg. It was tasty and creamy! Good to share.

* All prices exclude 10% Service Charge & 10% Tax

Le Quartier
Jl. Gunawarman No. 34
Kebayoran Baru - Jakarta Selatan
Telp: 021-7278 8001
Website: Le Quartier


  1. Wow, mesti coba nih
    looks delicious!
    wanna follow each other with GFC?


    1. yes, the carbonara was good! :)
      sorry, i don't use gfc :(


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